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Bombshell Business Podcast

August 2022

Amber Hurdle invited me on the Bombshell Business Podcast to discuss my five-part framework for creating superfans.

Bombshell Business Podcast Image - Brittany Hodak

Triple Win Property Management Podcast

August 2022

I joined the Second Nature property management community for a live session on how to improve customer experience for their residents.

Talking to cool people podcast

August 2022

Jason Frazell called me the “Larry David of Customer Experience.” Hear our full conversation to find out why…

Talking to Cool People Podcast - Brittany Hodak
Limitless Podcast Image - Brittany Hodak

Limitless Podcast

August 2022

Johanna Buchweitz interviewed me on the Limitless Podcast to discuss how to take customers from apathy to advocacy. 

Brittany hodak on the 5 things you need to be a highly effective public speaker

August 2022

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Authority Magazine to talk about what led me to become a keynote speaker, the funniest mistake I made on stage, and my 5 tips for aspiring speakers.

Authority Magazine - Brittany Hodak
atlanta small business network logo - Brittany Hodak

How to turn your customers into lifelong advocates

july 2022

On the Atlanta Small Business Network, I shared my do’s and don’ts for branding as well as my advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

4 Ways to Promote Team Growth and Combat Burnout in a Remote World

june 2022

If your workers have consistent learning opportunities, they will likely feel more engaged and valued in their jobs. Read my article for Thrive for more ways to combat burnout in a remote workplace.

Furniture Today Logo - Brittany Hodak

Do you know how to create ‘superfans’ for your brand?

may 2022

I had an awesome time speaking at Furniture Today’s Bedding Conference 2022! Read this article for a recap of my keynote presentation. 

3 Positive Impacts That Purpose Can Have on Culture

may 2022

Being able to articulate your brand’s purpose with words has never been as important as it is today. In this article, I outline three benefits of establishing a clearly defined purpose in your workplace. 

how to revamp your company's culture during the great resignation

april 2022

In this article, I share a few strategies for refining your business’s one-of-a-kind culture so that your employee are fulfilled throughout their employee lifecycle. 

the influential personal brand podcast

march 2022

I joined the Influential Personal Brand Podcast to discuss how any brand can borrow the same strategies that entertainers use for creating loyal fanbases and customers.

Image for the Influential Personal Brand Podcast- Brittany Hodak

marketing insider group

march 2022

In this article, Marketing Insider Group highlights 21 professional speakers – including yours truly! – that will rock your next marketing or leadership conference! 🎉

Improve your marketing roi with these books

march 2022

Included in the Forbes list for top marketing books is Creating Superfans, which will be available on January 10, 2023!

3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Next Business Trip

February 2022

Next time you travel for work, remember these steps to maximize your time and create a positive touchpoint with your customers.

how to improve employee retention in 2022

february 2022

What are the best practices for retaining invaluable employees during 2022 and beyond? Read my article for Thrive to find out.

She Sells podcast

february 2022

In this podcast, Elyse and I dive into the importance of origin stories, and how you need to think like a reality TV producer at times!

dayspring pens

december 2021

I’m a huge fan of giving personalized gifts, especially since ‘Personalization’ is one of the steps in my Superfan system. I was honored to chat about my entertainment background and the power of personalization with Dayspring Pens!

amplify to 7 figures podcast

december 2021

I joined the Amplify To 7 Figures Podcast to discuss how to scale your business, build more revenue, and create superfans. 

how to bolster employee retention during the great resignation

december 2021

In this article, I share my 5 tips to bolster employee retention during the Great Resignation. 

Want to improve your leadership in 2022? Do these 4 things.

march 2022

Here are my 4 tips for improving your leadership skills and the overall employee experience. 

we are all musicians now by Zack O'Malley Greenburg

december 2021

I’m honored Zack chose to include me in his new book, We Are All Musicians Now. Read Chapter 3: Rise of the Superfan to learn about my background in the music and entertainment industry. 

amplify to 7 figures podcast

december 2021

I joined the Amplify to 7 Figures Podcast to discuss how to scale your business, build more revenue, and create superfans.

how to build resiliency into your workforce

november 2021

I wrote this article for Thrive on how companies can become more resilient… not just for right now, but for any inevitable wave of disruption to come.

how to create a culture of appreciation at your office

november 2021

When we express appreciation for our employees, we’re more likely to increase motivation, engagement, and satisfaction.  I shared my 3 tips for building a culture of appreciation in this article for Thrive Global.

what does banking need more: Customer Experience or product innovation?

november 2021

Joe Welu, CEO of Total Expert, asked four retail banking and marketing experts to debate the merits and roles of CX and product innovation in shaping banking’s future. 

Digital Growth Institute Podcast

October 2021

If the digital age has taught us anything, it’s that customer experience is a two-way street. Here, I sat down with Digital Growth Institute’s James Robert Lay to discuss the importance of customer appreciation and its role in long-term client relationships.

top 20 customer service speakers to hire for your next event

october 2021

In this article, ReadWrite highlights 20 Customer Service speakers – including yours truly! Huge thanks to Brad Anderson for the shoutout! 🎉

the enlightened executive podcast

october 2021

I believe that showing employees how their work matters is the first step to improving employee retention. Tune into this episode of The Enlightened Executive podcast to hear the advice I share with host, Susan Drumm. 

banking on digital growth podcast

october 2021

I joined the Banking on Digital Growth podcast with James Robert Lay to discuss superfans – and more importantly, how to win them for your financial brand. 

4 steps to ace your next speaking engagement

september 2021

In-person events are coming back, and virtual events aren’t slowing down either! Are you scheduled to be in front of an audience soon? If so, check out of four tips I shared with Thrive Global.

3 strategies for a successful move to hybrid work

august 2021

Implementing a hybrid work style without sacrificing productivity, morale, or culture can be challenging. I shared my 3 tips for adopting a hybrid work environment in this article with Thrive Global.

fly the flag podcast

july 2021

I joined the Fly the Flag podcast to chat about how brands can amplify the voice of their customers to grow their business.

5 CX Speakers You Should Follow in 2021

July 2021

In this article, Marketing Insider Group highlights five professional speakers – including yours truly! – that are experts in helping companies build better customer relationships. Huge thanks to the Group’s Emma Bentley for the shoutout! 🎉

the CX Chronicles podcast

july 2021

I joined the CX Chronicles Podcast to discuss one of my favorite topics – Employee Experience (EX). You’re never going to have better CX than EX. It starts with setting that example inside your organization first. 

flip the switch podcast

july 2021

In this episode of the Flip the Switch podcast, I talked about the future of collectibles, tailoring campaigns to niche audiences, overcoming apathetic fans, and much more!

Experience points game show

may 2021

I had SO much fun on the Experience Points game show with Joey Coleman and Dan Gingiss! I played a CX edition of “Fact or Fiction” to raise money for my favorite charity. 

Capturing meaningful, actionable customer feedback in real time

may 2021

In this interview with Thrive Global, I chatted about the importance of superfans and the intrinsic link between customer experience and employee experience. 

3 tips for helping pandemic-shocked employees stay engaged

february 2021

With increased stress and uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to prioritize the employee experience. In this article for Thrive Global, I shared my 3 tips to help your employees stay engaged during these times. 

fresh takes podcast

february 2021

In this episode of the Fresh Takes podcast, I chatted with Sue Woodard about the current customer experience trends and my new role at 

The customer experience podcast

february 2021

My good friend, Ethan Beute, invited me on his podcast to discuss my strategy for creating superfans. Plus, I talked about my time on Shark Tank!

The Customer Experience Podcast Appearance Tile - Brittany Hodak

fintech hunting

december 2020

Want to know how you can follow the ABCs to create superfans? Check out my conversation with Michael Hammond of NexLevel Advisors as we discuss marketing for businesses of all sizes and the impact customer experience has on long-term lending success. 

Beyond 7 Figures

November 2020

One of the biggest benefits of creating superfans is the business they generate for you when they share how awesome you are. Here, I met with Charles Gaudet for his Beyond 7 Figures podcast to explain how you can leverage your superfans to grow your revenue.

Eight Key Steps To Landing Your Product In A Major Retailer

November 2020

The retail industry may be one of the hardest for large and small businesses owners to master, but, in many cases, the rewards are worth the hurdles it takes to get there. Here, I and the Young Entrepreneur Council share our insights into what steps businesses can take to make this goal a reality.

The WFG Insider Report

November 2020

Superfandom is for all industries, and finance is no exception. Here, I met with Brian from Williston Financial Group to explain my methods for creating superfans and setting yourself apart from your competition through exceptional customer experiences.

11 Things No One Will Tell You About Success

October 2020

 In this article, the Young Entrepreneur Council and I share our stories of what we were never told about success and how it affected us, personally and professionally.

Mortgage Marketing Expert

October 2020

I’m all about marketing and customer service, but did you know I also regularly weigh in on how these topics impact lenders? Here, I met with Phil Treadwell to discuss the new generations homebuyers and their impact on mortgage marketing.


October 2020

Happiness comes in many forms, but for me and personal development expert April Garcia, it’s entrepreneurship. In this episode of April’s PivotMe podcast, I break down my entrepreneurial journey and how I ended up as a keynotes speaker.

How To Scale A Service-Based Business: Eight Top Tips

October 2020

Learn how my fellow Young Entrepreneur Council members and I tackled the challenges in our own businesses.

Four ways your business can draw value from — and add value to — the local community

October 2020

Nashville Business Journal asked me and my fellow members of the NBJ Leadership Trust how they recommend staying relevant locally while providing regional or national value.

10 Great Reasons To Hire A Business Coach For Yourself

October 2020

As hard as we may try, business is always evolving and staying on top of those changes is tough. Plus, you don’t know what you don’t know. In this article, I and the other Young Entrepreneur Council members talk about how we solved this problem in our own businesses when we hired coaches.

jaffe juice tv

september 2020

In this joint video and podcast, I meet with speaker and marketing expert Joseph Jaffe to discuss the importance of serving your existing customers during tough times, including the financial fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Music Biz 101 & More Podcast

september 2020

One of my greatest passions has always been music. Here, I discuss marketing, cold calls, and exceptional customer service in the music industry specifically, along with William Paterson University’s Dr. Stephen Marcone and Professor David Kirk Philp.

beyond the loan

september 2020

Creating superfans is important in any industry, including real estate. In this podcast, I meet with members of mortgage industry innovator loanDepot to discuss marketing, branding, manufactured honesty, and why you shouldn’t always follow trends in social media when it comes to real estate.

The Insomnicat Media Podcast

august 2020

What exactly is a superfan? And isn’t that the same as a follower? In this podcast, I met with the Insomnicat Media team to answer this question and explain the difference between “superfans” and “followers” when it comes to growing your marketing efforts.

24 Top Virtual Keynote Speakers

July 2020

Virtual speaking has exploded in popularity, leading many experts to choose virtual events rather than live ones. Here, thanks to the team at Digital Market News, I was highlighted as one of the top virtual speakers of 2020! 

Want To Attract (And Keep) The Right Clients? Try These 10 Strategies

July 2020

In this article, Forbes asks me and the other members of the Young Entrepreneur Council how we’ve managed to attract and retain the right clients in our rosters.

The b CAUSE podcast

April 2020

What makes a superfan and how do you create one in your own business? Here, I meet with Erin Hatzikostas to talk about the basics of the “superfans system,” how you can create fans for your business, and how they can propel you to success.

The Brian Covey Show

April 2020

Join me (virtually) as I meet with Brian Covey to explain my W.A.V.E. checklist for creating superfans, the cheapest and quickest way to acquire new customers, and why human interaction and connection should remain at the forefront in an increasingly digital world.

10 pieces of advice to build strong careers and thriving businesses

October 2019

10 members of the Nashville Business Journal Leadership Trust share the advice they have found the most valuable in their professional lives (including me!).

Taylor Swift Fans Go Crazy Over 'Lover' in Album's First Week Out

September 2019

Taylor Swift fans are loving ‘Lover.’ The singer’s seventh studio album reportedly accounted for 27% of all U.S. album sales in its first official week. Here, I talk to Cheddar about Swift’s physical, streaming, and digital sales.

12 Best Motivational Speakers to Capture Your Audience

May 2019

Thanks to for naming me one of 2019’s 12 most inspiring motivational speakers! 

This Is Probably (Exactly) How Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ Album Leaked Early

August 2019

How do albums, in this case Taylor’s, *actually* end up on the internet early? While I was with The Superfan Company, I worked with Taylor and her team on the launch of the Red album, so I explain here how this probably went down.

Music Biz 2019 Highlights: Hayley Quizzed Zane, Def Jam's New Chapter & The Orchard's Rise

May 2019

I was thrilled to interview music industry icon Richard Gottehrer for a keynote at 2019’s Music Biz conference — and even more excited with Billboard recognized it as one of the five best moments from a week filled with highlights.

How to Create Super Fans with Brittany Hodak - mortgage coach

May 2019

In this interview, Dave Savage and I talk about how to treat customers at every stage of the superfan funnel in this fun video for the Mortgage Coach community.

Reputation and redemption: Taylor Swift returns to poppy form, but the bar is set high for her new music

April 2019

Thanks to Deana Sumanac-Johnson for inviting me to weigh in on Taylor Swift’s latest reinvention. Here, I share my thoughts on superfandom and #Swifties,  including, “[Taylor] is an absolute wizard at creating experiences for her fans. The thing that you’ve got to do is connect your story to the stories of people you’re trying to reach. And there’s no one who does that better than Taylor Swift.”

Brittany Hodak to headline 2019 event

Brittany Announced As Keynote Speaker For HousingWire's 2019 Event

“To succeed in today’s purchase market, lenders need to create meaningful, authentic connections with consumers at every stage of their home-buying journey…To that end, we’re very excited to announce our 2019 keynote speaker: award-winning entrepreneur and loyalty guru Brittany Hodak.”

How Individual Motivational Guest Speakers Can Educate You in 2019

Entrepreneur Names Brittany One Of 2019's Most Inspiring Speakers

Thanks for these kudos from Entrepreneur  as they urge meeting professionals to hire me “if you want your next event to be amazing and unforgettable,” noting my reputation for creating loyal fans for clients and a resume including work for the likes of Walmart, Katy Perry, Amazon, and dozens more.

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