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Britney Spears_The Price of Freedom

Featured in Britney Spears: The Price of Freedom

Be It Til You See It Podcast

Guest on the Be It Til You See It podcast

The CU Insight Experience Podcast

Guest on the CU Insight Experience podcast

Multiply Your Success Podcast

Guest on the Multiply Your Success podcast

The Unified Brand Podcast

Guest on the Unified Brand podcast

CU Insights

How to Turn Your Members Into Superfans

Doing CX Right Podcast

Guest on the Doing CX Right podcast

Marketing with Empathy Podcast

Guest on the Marketing with Empathy podcast

Interview on Taylor Swift’s Breakup with Joe Alwyn

Every Business Needs Superfans

Authority Magazine - Brittany Hodak

Interview: 5 Ways to Create a Wow! Customer Experience

Image for the Katie Lance Podcast

Guest on the Katie Lance podcast

Image for the Digitally irresistable podcast

Guest on the Digitally Irresistible podcast

Guest on the High EQ Marketer podcast

Teambuilding Books That Will Help Your Leadership Be More Resilient

Image for Scale Your Small Business Podcast

Guest on the Scale Your Small Business podcast

Guest on the Brett Snodgrass podcast

Guest on the Entrepreneur Evolution podcast

Guest on the Loan Officer Impact podcast

Guest on the Catapulting Commisions podcast

Hello Iowa

Guest on WHO 13 Des Moines’ Hello Iowa

Technically Speaking Podcast

Guest on the Technically Speaking podcast

Image for Building Scale Podcast

Guest on the Building Scale podcast

Image for Dream Business Radio

Guest on Dream Business Radio

Image for the Marketing Book Podcast

Guest on the Marketing Book Podcast

Image for Press 1 For Nick Podcast

Guest on the Press 1 For Nick Podcast

Image from Yahoo Finance Interview

Guest on Yahoo Finance ahead of the Super Bowl.

Image for the Experience This Podcast

Guest on the Experience This! Podcast

Image for Small Business Trends

Guest on the Small Business Radio Show

Image for KATU Portland

Interview on KATU Portland’s Afternoon Live

Image for MarTech

Featured expert in “How Michelob ULTRA, PepsiCo, and Rakuten are approaching the Super Bowl this year”

Image for CCW Digital

Connecting Your Story to Every Customer’s Story: Lessons from Brittany Hodak

Image for CX Leaders Podcast

Guest on the CX Leaders Podcast

Image for YEC Reads

Creating Superfans featured in YEC Reads

Image for the Design Business Show

Guest on the Design Business Show

How To Create Superfans. – Your Very Best Customers

Image for the Referrals Podcast

Guest on the Referrals Podcast

Image for the B Word Podcast

Guest on the B-Word Podcast

CEOWorld Magazine

The Top Issue Your Company Should Be Focused On For 2023


How To Increase Your Digital Customer Service: Tips from Experts

Image for the Modern Selling Podcast

Guest on the Modern Selling Podcast

Image for the Financially Well Off Podcast

Guest on the Financially Well Off Podcast

Guest on the b Cause Podcast

Image for Dishin' Dirt Podcast

Guest on the Dishin’ Dirt Podcast

Flip The Switch EngageMint Podcast Appearance Tile - Brittany Hodak

Guest on the Flip The Switch Podcast (2nd appearance)

Today In Nashville interview with Brittany Hodak

Interview on Today In Nashville 

Image for the Shepherd Books

The Best Books for Turning Your Customers Into Superfans

Image for HousingWire Daily Podcast

Guest on the HousingWire Daily Podcast.

Guest on the SIMPLE Brand Podcast (2nd appearance)

The Customer Experience Podcast Appearance Tile - Brittany Hodak

Guest on the Customer Experience Podcast (2nd appearance)

Featured on the Next Big Idea Club Must Read List

Guest on the Social Complex Podcast

Guest on the Wealthy Speaker Podcast

Guest on Lykken on Lending (2nd appearance)

Image for Customers First Podcast

Guest on the Customers First Podcast

Image for Big I Independent Agent Magazine

Book Excerpt in the Independent Agent Magazine

Guest on the Elevate Podcast.

Guest on the Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast. (2nd appearance)

Guest on the Customer Retention Podcast

Read Between The Lines: Your Williamson

Interview with Go Solo

Ask A CX Leader Interview with

Guest on the Ascend and Transcend Podcast.

Guest on The Walk Podcast.

Guest on Bombshell Business Podcast.

Contributor to Ultimate Customer Service Trends in 2023.

Talking to Cool People Podcast - Brittany Hodak

Guest on Talking To Cool People Podcast.

Guest on the Triple Win Podcast.

Authority Magazine - Brittany Hodak

The 5 Things You Need to Be A Highly Effective Public Speaker

Limitless Podcast Image - Brittany Hodak

Guest on the Limitless Podcast.

Do You Know How To Create Superfans For Your Brand?

atlanta small business network logo - Brittany Hodak

Guest on the Atlanta Small Business Network

21 Motivational Speakers That Will Rock Your Next Event

Image for the Influential Personal Brand Podcast- Brittany Hodak

Guest on the Influential Personal Brand Podcast

Guest on She Sells Radio with Elyse Archer.

Improve Your Marketing ROI With These Books.

We Are All Musicians Now by Zack O’Malley Greenburg

Superfans & Personalized Gifts: A Conversation with Brittany Hodak

What Does Banking Need More: CX or Product Innovation?

Guest on the Amplify to Seven Figures Podcast.

Top 20 Customer Service Speakers To Hire For Your Next Event.

Guest on the Digital Growth Institute Podcast.

Guest on Banking On Digital Growth Podcast

Guest on the Enlightened Executive Podcast.

5 CX Speakers You Should Follow in 2021.

Guest on the Fly the Flag Podcast.

Flip The Switch EngageMint Podcast Appearance Tile - Brittany Hodak

Guest on Flip The Switch podcast.

CXChronicles Podcast Appearance Tile - Brittany Hodak

Guest on the CX Chronicles Podcast.

Fresh Takes Podcast Logo

Guest on Fresh Takes podcast

Guest on the Experience Points Game Show

Guest on Fintech Hunting

The Customer Experience Podcast Appearance Tile - Brittany Hodak

Guest on the Customer Experience Podcast

8 Key Steps To Landing Your Product In A Major Retailer

Guest on the Beyond 7 Figures Podcast

11 Things No One Will Tell You About Success

Guest on the WFG Insider Report Podcast

Guest on the Pivot Me Podcast

Guest on the Mortgage Marketing Expert Podcast

Four Ways Your Business Can Draw Value From – And Add Value To – The Local Community

How To Scale A Service-Based Business: 8 Top Tips

Guest on Jaff Juice TV

10 Great Reasons To Hire A Business Coach For Yourself

Guest on the Beyond the Loan podcast

Guest on the Music Biz 101 Podcast

Want to Attract (and Keep) the Right Clients? Try These 10 Strategies

Guest on the Insomnicat Media Podcast

Guest on The Brian Covey Show

Guest on the b Cause Podcast

Taylor Swift Fans Go Crazy Over “Lover” In Album’s First Week Out

10 Pieces of Advice to Build Strong Careers and Thriving Businesses

This is Probably (exactly) How Taylor Swift’s Album “Lover” Leaked Early

12 Best Motivational Speakers to Capture your Audience

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