If you’re looking for a podcast episode featuring Brittany Hodak, you’re in the right place! Here are a few of my favorite recent appearances.

The Brian Covey Show

April 2020

Join me (virtually) as I meet with Brian Covey to explain my W.A.V.E. checklist for creating superfans, the cheapest and quickest way to acquire new customers, and why human interaction and connection should remain at the forefront in an increasingly digital world.

The b CAUSE podcast

April 2020

What makes a superfan and how do you create one in your own business? Here, I meet with Erin Hatzikostas to talk about the basics of the “superfans system,” how you can create fans for your business, and how they can propel you to success.

The James Nathan experience

April 2020

Listen as I meet with James Nathan to discuss creating superfans, understanding your customers, knowing your story, buying dog food online, and the importance of great customer service.

Inside Real Estate (Omega Lending)

March 2020

When it comes to networking, real estate agents already know the value of creating ambassadors for your brand. Listen here as I explain to the Omega Lending team the process for creating superfans within the real estate industry.

Lykken on Lending

December 2019

Every industry can benefit from learning my W.A.V.E. method for making “superfans,” including mortgage companies. Here, listen as I explain building a referral network for mortgage business owners.

The Mortgage Impact Podcast

December 2019

Listen to me and Giftology author John Ruhlin as we break down the strategy of corporate gift-giving for host Jake Fehling and explain how you can get a return from thoughtful and unique gifts.

The Dan Lok Show

July 2019

Creating superfans sounds amazing, but how do you get started from scratch? Listen here as I join Canadian entrepreneur Dan Lok to explain the ins and outs of creating superfans, starting with my W.A.V.E. method. 

Mortgage Marketing Expert

June 2019

Flashback to 2019, to my interview for Phil Treadwell as I headlined the HousingWire engage.marketing Summit. Here, I outline the keys to customer happiness and what built my reputation as “the go-to source on customer engagement and retention”.

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