Creating Superfans Podcast Episode 5: Hilary Billings

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In episode 5 of the Creating Superfans podcast, I interviewed the brilliant Hilary Billings, Co-founder and CEO of Attentioneers Agency. A self-proclaimed “engineer of attention,” Hilary is a viral video expert that helps brands drive exponential growth on TikTok. She has earned over a BILLION organic views on her social platforms and sheds some light on the science behind a viral video and how YOU can replicate it.

Hilary explains why brands must capture the power of short-form content in order to create superfan customers and future proof your business long-term. If you’re on the fence about joining TikTok or you’re unsure about how to get started, you won’t want to miss this episode. Hilary will reframe the way you approach your social media strategy.

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show notes

4:44 – The average user on social media spends HOW many minutes scrolling per day?

6:30 – What Hilary would say to someone who haphazardly dabbles into social media

7:00 – Does Hilary believe you need to be on all the platforms?

9:40 – What’s the “new account advantage?” and how does it benefit new creator accounts?

11:12 – The first step in Hilary’s process for designing an intentional social media strategy with her clients

12:07 – What Hilary says to clients who say they don’t want to dance on social media

13:15 – The second step in Hilary’s process for designing an intentional social media strategy with her clients

13:33 – How you can get a copy of Hilary’s Viral Video Story Map

14:02 – A common mistake most creators are making when it comes to their social media

18:00 – Why ‘going viral’ is intentional, not accidental, and how you can replicate that success

19:49 – How does Hilary convince people that now is the time to get started on TikTok

20:34– How this brand improved it’s year-over-year market sales by 78% through user-generated content

21:47– How AARP went viral on TikTok and engaged with a younger audience

23:45 – How short-form content is providing new opportunities for brands to connect with their customers 

26:27 – Hilary explains why TikTok is that important

27:57 – Why disengaging on social media will affect you long-term

30:05 – What is the “pattern interrupt” phenomenon?

31:40 – How many seconds do you have to make an impression with your content to stop the scroll?


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