Creating Superfans Podcast Episode 4: Kim Goei

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In the 4th episode of the Creating Superfans podcast, I sat down with Kim Goei, Chief Operating Officer of Fexa. We talk about the under-the-radar aspects of customer experience that customers and entrepreneurs often take for granted. If you’re a fan of intentional experience design like me, you’ll be interested to learn about how Fexa technology can maintain or automate the crucial ingredients that make businesses run seamlessly.

Kim began her career in operations, working with global brands like Virgin Group, Anthropologie, and Reading International, Inc., before joining Fexa in 2018. In addition to her role as COO, she’s on the Board of Directors of Connex to empower facilities to become more inclusive and accessible.

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Show Notes

3:55 – Kim breaks down what it’s really like to work in facilities management.

5:44 – The repeatability of the Five Guys experience vs. the geographically-customized experiences of Prada and Michael Kors.

7:30 – What’s FEXA all about and what drew Kim to work there?

9:28 – How does FEXA make facilities and operations teams more efficient with less?

10:52 – Exciting news for FEXA as it scales

12:21 – How FEXA plans to help companies manage their inventory levels through technology

13:54 – Managing the internal customer experience for facilities managers 

14:33 – How you can personalize your communication strategy with FEXA

16:40 – The value of being a tech company with a human-first approach

18:00 – Kim’s favorite examples of things we’re able to predict and take care of using smart-connected devices

20:05 – How the restroom can impact a customer experience at a restaurant 

21:28 – Crate & Barrel’s stellar customer experience

23:19 – How the Crate & Barrel employee experience spills over to its customer experience

29:00 – A horrible customer experience that Kim had recently

30:30 – Brittany and Kim talk about the infamous Buc-ee’s bathrooms

35:25 – DEI and facilities management

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