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Customer Experience Keynote Speaker | Brittany Hodak
Super Gifting Ideas that WOW Every Client - Brittany Hodak

75+ SUPER Gifting Ideas to WOW Every Client

This guide includes great gift ideas for every situation (personal and professional!), along with advice for turning each gift-giving opportunity into a meaningful, memorable interaction.

Creating Superfans By Brittany Hodak Book Discussion Guide

Creating Superfans Discussion Guide

Whether you’re reading my book with your entire department or with fellow leaders in a mastermind group, this guide will help spark conversations and reinforce the principles of my book.

Everything I Wish I'd Known Before I wrote and Launched my First Book - Brittany Hodak

Everything I Wish I'd Known Before I Wrote & Launched My First Book

Learn from my journey! I share everything I wish I’d known before putting out my book. I cover everything from pre-launch tactics to navigating the first 6 months post-release. 

How to write your bio to attract your ideal customers - Brittany Hodak

How to Write Your Bio to Attract Your Ideal Clients

When prospects discover you online, they’re looking for a snapshot of who you are so they can decide if you’re the right choice. Use this guide to craft a bio that will help you generate a lead in just a few sentences.

An Introvert's Guide to Sales - Brittany Hodak

An Introvert's Guide to Sales

Introverts are strong leaders and salespeople because they’re often great listeners! This resource is filled with tips to help you leverage your introverted nature into your sales superpower.

An Introvert's Guide to Customer Service - Brittany Hodak

An Introvert's Guide to Customer Service

This guide offers practical strategies tailored to the unique strengths of introverted individuals, equipping them with the confidence and tools needed to thrive in customer service.

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