I teach everyone in organizations what they can do to turn customers into superfans.


Creating Superfans


We’re living in an Experience Economy. Customer experience, or CX, is the new battlefield for winning — and keeping — customers. According to a recent study by Gartner, CX drives over two-thirds of customer loyalty. That’s more than brand and price combined.

Customer apathy is one of the biggest threats to business today. Whether they realize it or not, every member of your organization is a member of the Experience Department. Everyone has the power to create superfans: loyal, enthusiastic customer advocates. In this program, author and keynote speaker Brittany Hodak teaches them how.

She shares her memorable, five-part framework that aligns audience members around the actionable steps businesses must take to turn customers into superfans. Go from commodity provider to category of one in the minds of your prospects in customers.

audience takeaways:

This presentation includes industry-relevant case studies, live audience interaction, compelling research, engaging graphics, and humorous real-life anecdotes. Every audience member receives a 20-page digital playbook to help immediately implement Brittany’s proven frameworks in real-world situations.

“Top customer experience speaker for 2024”

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“A powerhouse customer experience speaker whose expertise isn't just surface-level”

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“Game-changing customer experience speaker”

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