6 weeks to superfans masterclass

Give every member of your team the tools to turn customers into superfans.

In today’s hyper-connected world, every employee is your brand.

Customers make (and share!) decisions based on every interaction they have with your team. Whether they know it or not, employees serve as your brand’s Acting Chiefs of Experience.

Customer experience isn’t a department — it’s an ethos. And if it isn’t shared by every member of your organization, things can go downhill quickly. With the stakes this high, every team member must have the skills to meet the challenge in front of them.

What is Six Weeks To Superfans?

The Six Weeks to Superfans Masterclass is a crash course in customer experience, designed to teach every team member to be the Acting Chief of Experience and WIN in our experience-driven economy.

They will learn a simple framework to help them take ownership of every interaction with customers and colleagues and elevate important interactions into memorable, meaningful moments.

Experience is the strongest and most enduring competitive advantage a business can build. It drives more purchase decisions than brand and price combined. Eighty-six percent of customers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. And employees working at customer-centric brands are more inclined to feel a sense of purpose and satisfaction with their jobs.

If you’re tired of feeling like you’re competing in a commodity market and are ready for customers to see you as a Category of One, this program is for you.

How does the Masterclass work?

Six Weeks to Superfans is designed to be a fully immersive learning experience. Your employees are actively participating in a hands-on curriculum that includes:

The Masterclass is designed to be completed by every member of the organization. This creates a cultural shift and shared language and accountability around a new set of tools and frameworks. It also provides leaders with real-time feedback from members of their team. A bonus Manager Module is included to offer resources and direction to amplify each week’s focus materials.

Is Six Weeks to Superfans right for my company?

Are your employees actively turning customers into superfans, or are they just closing sales and meeting basic service expectations?

According to Gallup, two-thirds of employees are “unengaged” and indifferent to the organization’s success. Worse, only 36% of employees feel valued by their leaders. This has a devastating trickle-down effect on customers because disengaged employees lead to apathetic customers. 

Six Weeks of Superfans is about more than just accountability and engagement — it’s about helping every employee understand their crucial role in your company’s legacy.

Six Weeks to Superfans is for companies who are committed to differentiating themselves with world-class customer experience. It’s designed for businesses with several customer-facing employees. While it is industry-agnostic and includes examples from more than 30 different industries, it is particularly powerful for businesses where experience and hospitality impact customer decisions. 

If you’re tired of being seen as a commodity provider and want your customers to feel how you’re different from your competitors, you may be a great fit.

What is the investment required to join Six Weeks to Superfans?

The Six Weeks to Superfans Masterclass is currently being offered at an introductory price of $10,000 for companies with up to 500 employees.

Additional employee seat licenses for larger organizations can be purchased for $20 each, up to a total maximum organizational price of $30,000. This includes unlimited access to the program until December 31, 2025, at which point it can be re-licensed.

Each employee’s time commitment will be three hours spread over six weeks. This includes time spent watching videos (less than two hours) and time spent completing activities. Managers and leaders should plan to commit an additional hour each week to review their employees’ activities and help amplify the adoption of the program in their interactions.

Brittany Hodak Standing With Hands Crossed

Who Teaches Six Weeks To Superfans?

The Masterclass is led by award-winning entrepreneur and best-selling author Brittany Hodak.

She has delivered keynotes and trainings to hundreds of companies across the globe, including American Express and Keller Williams Luxury.

She has worked alongside some of the world’s biggest brands and entertainers, including Walmart, Disney, Katy Perry, and Dolly Parton. She is the former Chief Experience Officer of Experience.com and was CEO and co-founder of The Superfan Company. Forbes said of her debut book, Creating Superfans, “If you have customers, you need this book. Period.” She is obsessed with teaching employees how to own every experience and turn customers into superfans.

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