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Customer Experience Motivational Keynote Speaker and Superfan expert - Brittany Hodak

In today's business environment, experience is everything.

It’s the number-one way to differentiate yourself from your competitors and create customers for life. But, the inverse is also true. Everything is experience.

Every interaction — even the small ones — can determine whether or not customers come back and what they tell their friends. The Creating Superfans podcast is a fun, entertaining crash course in turning customer experience into your superpower… no capes required! Each week, author and speaker Brittany Hodak spotlights brands she loves and interviews some of the most brilliant minds in business today. At the end of every episode, you’ll have a list of new ideas to turn your customers and employees into loyal, raving superfans.

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Creating Superfans Podcast Episode 215 My Favorite Books I've Read This Year

I believe one of the most powerful things you can do to impact others is

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Creating Superfans podcast episode 214 how to wow your clients with the best gifts

This week’s episode of the Creating Superfans podcast is all about GIFTING! Strategic generosity is

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Creating Superfans Podcast: Ep 212 - 10 Overlooked CX Opportunities with Brittany Hodak

My favorite CX, or customer experience, measurement tool is the simplest one: Did you just

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Creating Superfans Podcast Ep. 212: Stacy Sherman on Customer-Centric Teams - Brittany Hodak

On today’s episode of the Creating Superfans podcast, I’m thrilled to be joined by a

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