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I was always that kid who went out of the way to make everyone feel welcome (who am I kidding? I’m still that kid!), so I’ll send you a few days of curated content to kick things off, then you’ll hear from me every other week.

On the fence? Here are some of my favorite comments from readers. (These are 100% real quotes, BTW, and used without permission.)

"This is the one newsletter I actually look forward to seeing in my inbox! Can you make it weekly instead of twice a month?"

"I always read your newsletter as soon as it shows up because it makes me look smarter in meetings."

"I know how hard it is to make newsletters that don't suck. Yours is consistently non-sucky. Congrats!"

"Yo Britt, I only signed up because we're friends and I wanted to be supportive, but this is legit. Even [redacted] likes it and he's a little [redacted] about everything."

"Thank you for always finding so many great stories to share that I missed."

See you on the inside!

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