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Hello! Thank you SO much for reading Creating Superfans. To help accelerate and amplify the adoption of this book’s principles across your entire organization, I’ve compiled some additional tools for you to reference as you read, including the SUPER Model Playbook, videos, and printable resources.

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Creating Superfans: How to Turn Your Customers Into Lifelong Advocates by Brittany Hodak

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Brittany Hodak wants to teach your team to turn customers into superfans.

She has delivered keynotes and trainings to hundreds of companies across the globe, including American Express and Keller Williams Luxury.

She has worked alongside some of the world’s biggest brands and entertainers, including Walmart, Disney, Katy Perry, and Dolly Parton. She is the former Chief Experience Officer of and scaled an entertainment startup to eight figures before exiting. She is obsessed with helping companies transform from commodity providers into categories of one.

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CX drives every part of your organization. These programs teach every team member how THEY can create superfans.


Experience is Everything... and Everything is Experience


From Commodity to Category of One


The Intersection of AI and CX

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