75+ Gift Ideas to Wow Every Client Or Loved One

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Finding the perfect gift ideas for your clients or loved ones can be incredibly stressful. Luckily, I’m here to help you with my SUPER gifting guide!

Strategic generosity is one of the most powerful ways to create a “wow” experience for a customer or loved one and elevate the emotional closeness of a relationship. In fact, gifting checks every SUPER box. It’s a way to connect your story (S) to each customer’s story (U) in a personal way (P). When done correctly, it will exceed expectations (E), which is why you should repeat (R) the practice with all of your customers. 

Some professionals cannot leverage the power of gifts. Many industries have strict regulations on gift-giving. For example, sometimes the price limit on gifts is as low as $10! However, the reason generosity is so effective is that it shows the other person that you’re thinking of them. It’s not just about the gift (literal or figurative) or its cost. It’s about the thought, effort, and time that went into it.

Whether you’re shopping for a client, an employee, or a loved one, this gift guide is for you. My gift guide contains more than 75 gift ideas across various price ranges. In fact, many of these are gifts I’ve given —  or received — in the past. I even included low-cost gifts that will meet gifting regulations while still making an impact.

I hope you find it helpful as you look for the perfect present to WOW your recipient and show them how much you care about them. Click the image below for my FREE gift guide.

SUPER Gifting Ideas to Wow Every Client by Brittany Hodak

In addition to the 75 gift ideas in my gift guide, don’t forget to check out this list of my favorite books. Each of these books would make an incredible present for any occasion.

If you want to read more about gifting best practices, I highly recommend Gift-ology by John Ruhlin. John is a gifting expert and shares many of his tips on his blog, too.

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