Creating Superfans Podcast Episode 10: Jim White

Creating Superfans Podcast Episode 10 with Guest Jim White

Customer experience is not a department—it’s a philosophy that must be embraced by every member of an organization. When executed correctly, it becomes your most powerful competitive advantage. Perhaps no guest has understood this better than Jim White, the Chief Experience Officer of Ignite Medical Resorts. 

Jim and his team at Ignite are “extinguishing the stereotype” of traditional rapid rehabilitation facilities- otherwise known as nursing homes- by providing the five-star hospitality of a luxury resort.

In this episode of the Creating Superfans podcast, you’ll hear about the unmatched accommodations that Ignite offers, such as private chefs, on-site spas, specialty coffee machines, and magazine and newspaper delivery. In addition to the perks, Jim talks about the systems he puts in place to ensure incredible experience across 14 facilities, including hiring and training service-minded staff, creating warm welcomes and fond farewells, and looking for opportunities to surprise and delight guests. If you’re wondering how the medical industry can implement a 5-star resort-like experience, you won’t want to miss this episode.

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show notes

3:14 – How Ignite Medical Resorts differs from traditional nursing homes

4:33 – How has Jim used his background in hospitality to intentionally design the experience at Ignite Medical Resorts?

7:57 – Will the 5-star resort-like experience become normal among medical facilities? 

11:27 – Jim details the hiring and training process for his staff, including one of the most fun orientation programs!

15:12 – Why Ignite uses hospitality metrics as its benchmark for sucess

16:30 – How does Ignite’s NPR score compare to the average hospitality score?

18:00 – Using hospitality’s best practices to overcome the uncertainty gap that surrounds the typical patient experience

20:17 – The importance of referrals and reputation in the rehabilitation industry

22:28 – The challenges of managing new facilities and how Jim gets new staff on board with their philosophy 

24:38 – Incentivizing staff to create excellent customer experiences

27:03 – The “employee comes first” mindset that sets IMR apart 

29:34 – How Jim trains his staff to create a “warm welcome” and a “fond farewell”

34:15 – A heartwarming story that showcases the power of “surprise and delight”

35:40 – How IMR implements a CX strategy from the Ritz Carlton

You can learn more about Ignite Medical Resorts hereFollow Jim White on LinkedIn here

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