Creating Superfans Podcast Episode 11: Alix Steinberg


In this week’s episode of the Creating Superfans podcast, Alix and I are breaking down the best and worst TV commercials from Super Bowl 57. You’ll hear our opinions on the brands that did the best job of overcoming apathy, and which ones fell totally flat.

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show notes

2:56 – Farmer’s Dog simple brand play that resonated with Alix

3:30 – Tubi cutting through the noise and creating a moment

5:15 – Amazon’s compelling storytelling

7:38 – Crown Royal and Bud Light used celebrities in their ads, but which did it better?

9:10 – Rakuten & Clueless nailing the nostalgia 

10:27 –  The M&M saga and the Maya Rudolph campaign

14:40 – How effective are the campaigns that have a back-story leading into their Super Bowl commercial? 

16:40 – DoorDash’s approach to speak to several audience segments in one ad

17:40 – Work Day

19:25 – Does Dunkin’ win the award for best celebrity cameo of the night?

20:10 – The worst celebrity cameo of the Super Bowl

21:10 – Avocados from Mexico’s on-air and off-air Super Bowl campaign

23:47 – He Gets Us Jesus commercials

25:06 – Did Brittany or Alix scan any QR codes?

25:40 – Did QR codes fall flat this year?

26:15 – The Turbo Tax disappointment

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