Creating Superfans Podcast Episode: Ethan Beute

Creating Superfans Podcast Episode 13_Ethan Beute

If you feel like your cold outreach is getting ignored in the digital clutter, or you’re struggling to make personal connections with your clients, this is the episode for you. This week, I had the pleasure of chatting with a dear friend of mine, Ethan Beute. Ethan is the Chief Evangelist at BombBomb, the host of my favorite podcast, The Customer Experience podcast, and the author of several amazing business books.

Ethan and I had an in-depth conversation about how we can use technology to rehumanize our communication with prospects and customers. More specifically, we dove into the power of video and how we can use a platform like BombBomb to build trust, alleviate confusion, and convey emotion when reaching out to clients. Ethan shares his tips for using video at impactful moments along your customer journey and how to implement these practices at scale. 

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show notes

3:25 – Ethan talks about his podcast, the Customer Experience podcast (my personal favorite!)

4:30 – How BombBomb uses technology to make us feel more human, not less human

5:45 – How video can help us better communicate with clients

8:04 – The video trends that Ethan foresees in the next five years

11:20 – The single biggest impediment to the adoption of video

17:16 – Ethan’s tips for balancing text and video in your emails

19:17 – The power of 1:1 video communication

20:50 – Time blocking versus triggered video communication processes

21:15 – How to use video at scale with evergreen content

23:32 – Acknowledging customers’ emotions at each step of their journey

24:05 – How Ethan challenged Brittany’s thoughts with data and human behavior

25:50 – The importance of focusing on the immeasurable components that drive the metrics

31:40 – What brand is using video really well?

Connect with Ethan on LinkedIn.

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