Creating Superfans Podcast Episode 16: Lash Fary

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Have you ever wondered what goes inside the iconic celebrity gift bags at A-list events like the Grammys or the Oscars? Today’s guest of the Creating Superfans podcast is the pioneer of celebrity product placement and award show swag. He’s transformed it into a bona fide media obsession. 

Lash Fary, otherwise known as the “Gift Guru” or the “Sultan of Swag,” is the president and Founder of Distinctive Assets, a niche marketing agency. He’s worked with top award shows including the GRAMMY Awards, Latin GRAMMYs, Tony Awards, American Music Awards, BET Awards, Kids’ Choice Awards and Academy of Country Music Awards to create celebrity branding opportunities.

In this episode, Lash and I chat about the power of celebrity product placement, his biggest tips for gift-giving regardless of the industry you’re in, and of course, some of his favorite products that he’s become a SUPERFAN of.

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show notes

2:50 – What is Distinctive Assets all about?

3:17 – How Lash got into gifting

4:41 – Lash’s experience with the Oscars

5:58 – How many gift bags does Lash actually create each year?

6:24 – That time Samuel L. Jackson didn’t get one of Lash’s gift bags…

7:31 – Why are the gifts so highly coveted, even by celebrities who can afford anything on the planet?

9:26 – What Lash says to people who are angry that celebrities are getting free gifts

10:19 – The business behind the gifting partnerships

12:15 – The importance of wrapping and presentation when it comes to gift-giving 

14:30 – Sentimentality can double the value of a gift

15:48 – Don’t forget this important component of gift-giving

17:25 – Lash’s opinion on Brittany’s gifting advice,  “if it has your logo on it, it’s an ad, not a gift.”

19:22 – Should you spend less on each person to ensure everyone gets a gift, or spend much more money on just a select few people to make a greater impact?

19:58 – What was one of the best gifts Lash has ever received?

21:28 – Brittany’s most impactful gift she’s ever gotten

23:07 – Lash shares a low-cost gift he got that made a huge impression on him 

24:50 – What is Lash a superfan of?

27:58 – Lash’s advice for people who are trying to get better at gifting

34:10 – Lash’s tips for event planners to make a seamless guest experience 

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