Creating Superfans Podcast Episode 18: Dr. Aaron Ahuvia

Dr. Aaron Ahuvia knows a thing or two about superfans. He co-authored the publication that popularized the term “brand love” and is the world’s most widely published and cited academic expert on non-interpersonal love. He’s the author of The Things We Love: How Our Passions Connect Us and Make Us Who We Are. 

Aaron is a professor of marketing at the University of Michigan Dearborn. Aaron researches, teaches, and consults for governments, non-profits, and corporations across the world, including Google, L’Oreal, Samsung, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Ford, and many more. 

In this episode, Aaron and I discuss the way our brains process love and how you can adapt his scientific research to create superfans for your brand.

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show notes

2:40 – How does Aaron define ‘brand love’?

3:30 – How is brand love different from interpersonal love?

7:08 – What are the steps to creating brand love?

7:39 – The difference between valuing something and loving it

9:30 – The human brain decides if something is a human or an object at two different times

10:05 – In order to love anything, your unconscious mind has to treat it as if it is a person

10:34 – The three different ways you can get your customers to think of your product or service as a person

12:55 – Brittany connects Aaron’s research on brand love to mascots

16:03 – Why it’s easier for some salespeople to cultivate ‘love’ than others

17:45 – In order to get people to love a brand at an unconscious level, you’ve got to get people to sort your brand into the social world

20:35 the importance of cultivating brand love with your employees

24:30 – Why mission-driven companies are more likely to have brand love

27:13 – the correlation between religion and brand love

29:47 – How did Aaron coin the term ‘brand love’?

31:38 – What has changed over the last 30+ years since Aaron started studying brand love?

32:50 – What brand is Aaron a SUPERFAN of?

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