Creating Superfans Podcast Episode 19: Rory Vaden

Identifying your unique purpose and developing your personal brand are two of the most important, yet challenging, components of being an entrepreneur. Without a clear North Star, you’re doing a disservice to all of your potential customers that are in need of your message.

To help us distill our brand is Rory Vaden, a New York Times bestselling author, Half of Fame speaker, and co-founder of the Brand Builders Group. Rory helps mission-driven messengers become more well-known and make more impact. In fact, Rory and his team helped me develop my personal brand, including the SUPER Model

In our conversation, Rory shares his best advice for entrepreneurs, including his Brand DNA Formula that will help you uncover and monetize your uniqueness. 

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show notes

3:05 – How Brittany and Rory worked together

5:04 – What is Brand Builders Group 

6:03 – What inspired Rory to become a speaker?

9:35 – How does Rory define personal branding?

13:04 – Rory’s best piece of personal branding advice

18:42 – The Brand DNA formula that Rory and BBG has developed

20:55How Brittany answered the first 2 questions in the Brand DNA Formula  to develop her content

24:40 – Questions 3-4 of the Brand DNA formula

26:07 – “You are most powerfully positioned to serve the person you once were.”

28:10 – The problem that Brand Builders Group solves and how it connects to Rory’s origin story

33:05 – How to get a free call with Brand Guilders Group –

33:04 – The 5 ways to monetize a personal brand 

37:06 – The 6th and final question in the Brand DNA formula and the DARES acronym

37:55 – The difference between growth and scale

40:30 – There is no fear once the mission to serve is clear

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