Creating Superfans Podcast Episode 21: Laura Casselman

Creating Superfans Podcast - Workplace Culture and Affiliate Marketing Tips with Laura Casselman

This week’s guest on the Creating Superfans podcast is Laura Casselman. From broadway to boardroom, Laura is a former professional dancer turned CEO of JVZoo and co-founder of Vidastreet. She’s also the author of the new book, Trust Your Increments: How Small, Consistent Steps Can Lead to Massive Success. 

Companies under Laura’s direction have landed on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America four times. 

In this episode, we talk about her journey as a female CEO in a male-dominated industry, how she prioritizes the employee experience at JVZoo, and her best tips for sales and affiliate marketing. 

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show notes

2:15 – How has it been since Laura’s new book came out on March 7th

2:55 – Laura shares her background in entertainment and how she ended up in her corporate career

5:43 – How did Laura learn some key leadership skills at such an early age?

8:17 – How did Laura transition from the corporate world to being a CEO?

9:25 – One of the many sexist interactions that Laura experienced in her career

12:05 – What are some of the standards Laura has set at JVZoo that she would like to see across the board?

12:50 – How Laura’s team handles “bad” customers

16:44 – What is JVZoo and how do they help their customers?

17:36 – Why is affiliate marketing such a powerful tool?

18:55 – How does JVZoo ensure the integrity of the brand through their affiliate teams?

22:10 – The need to over-communicate the vision and expectations of your brand

23:11 – The massive move toward Mobile and what this means for your business

24:38 – This UX experience may be hurting your mobile success

27:25 – Younger generations may trust influencers more than they trust media or review sites

29:13 – How can people become an affiliate marketer to earn a new income stream?

30:17 – What products on JVZoo is Laura a SUPERFAN of?

31:07 – How may AI change the digital customer experience over the next few years?

32:40 – Laura’s message to those who are concerned about using AI

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