Creating Superfans Podcast Episode 213: Brittany Hodak

Creating Superfans Podcast: Ep 212 - 10 Overlooked CX Opportunities with Brittany Hodak

My favorite CX, or customer experience, measurement tool is the simplest one: Did you just make the thing better or worse for the customer? Or, was it a forgettable, nothing-burger of an interaction? It really all boils down to those three choices. In Creating Superfans, I call these outcomes Net Positive, Net Neutral, and Net Negative.

The overwhelming majority of interactions we all experience in life are Net Neutral ones. Hundreds or even thousands of times each day, you have interactions: emails, texts, phone calls, in-person conversations… the list goes on. You process most of them so quickly, and so automatically, that you don’t think about them again after they end.

What if you could elevate those often-overlooked interactions into experiences? What if, all around you, there are countless opportunities to give your customers a little extra? A little extra jazz to take something from neutral to positive? From forgettable to I’ve-gotta-post-a-picture-of-that. 

Guess what? You can! And this episode is all about ten of the countless ways you can do it. These simple interactions illustrate how you can intentionally elevate mundane moments into memorable ones. 

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Show Notes

5:37 – #1: Your wifi network name and password
8:00 – #2: Your voicemail message
9:57 – #3: 404 page
12:19 – #4: Email unsubscribe message
14:52 – #5: The hours and service details on your site or storefront
17:04 – #6: Sandwich board in front of your store
18:27 – #7: Notes or terms on your invoices
20:05 – #8: “Hello” and “Goodbye” moments
22:45 – #9: Overlooked physical space
24:49 – #10: OOO or vacation auto-responder message

For more examples on each interaction, check out Customer Interactions You Can Easily Elevate to Create Superfans.

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