Creating Superfans Podcast Episode 22: Traci Saliterman & Angela Higgins

How to Create The Best Attendee Experience For Your Event With Angela Higgins and Traci Saliterman

To wrap up season 1 of the Creating Superfans podcast, I sat down with Angela Higgins and Traci Saliterman of Total Expert. Angela and Traci are two of the masterminds behind Total Expert’s annual customer conference, Accelerate.

As a keynote speaker, I attend over fifty events each year, and Accelerate has truly set the standard for creating the best attendee experience. 

I asked Traci and Angela to share their top tips for event planners, including how to pick a good theme, how to maximize content opportunities at the conference, and ways to create incredible memories for your attendees.

Listen to the Episode

Show Notes

2:57 – What is Accelerate all about?

3:32 – Traci’s advice for mapping out the attendee experience

4:24 – How Total Expert creates unique networking opportunities for guests

6:02 – Light-up badges that you need to use for your next event

7:17 – How TE uses photo opportunities throughout the conference to keep people engaged

11:19 – The theme for 2023 Accelerate and how a theme helps the event marketing team

12:45 – Traci & Angela’s tips for choosing a theme

14:46 – Why Total Expert announces next year’s location during the current Accelerate

15:40 – How does Total Expert maximize the energy from the attendees to bring the company value throughout the year?

16:47 – The cross-departmental communication at Total Expert that ensures every team gets the content they need at Accelerate

18:26 – Angela & Traci’s tips for stretching the event budget

23:06 – How Accelerate gathers and implements attendee feedback

24:50 – How the event team debriefs right after the conference

26:00 – Spoilers of what guests can look forward to in a few weeks!

Learn more about Accelerate here.

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