Creating Superfans Podcast Episode 3: Dennis Snow

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In episode 3 of the Creating Superfans Podcast, I interviewed former Walt Disney World executive, Dennis Show. During his twenty years with the company, Dennis worked his way up from a front-line attractions operator to founder of the Disney Institute, the internal firm that consulted for organizations like ExxonMobil, AT&T, and Coca Cola.

Now, he’s a full-time speaker and author who trains businesses large and small on how to run world-class, service-driven organizations. Dennis shared with me some of Disney’s hiring practices and interview techniques that ensure all of their team members are customer centric. Later in the episode, he outlines the 3 easiest things any brand can do to improve their customer experience right away. Finally, hear what a local restaurant did for Dennis and his friends that blew him away and made him a superfan for life.

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show notes

4:23 – Can you teach your employees to be more friendly and more customer-centric?

5:03 – How long is the training at Disney?

5:56 – A simple way to reframe your interview questions to get a better understanding of a candidate’s skillset

8:27 – A secret most people don’t know about Disney

10:45 – How do you define your Story and use it to attract the right people?

13:00 – When did the Disney theme park become intentional about its superpower?

14:33 – What are some other brands that have superior customer experience?

18:00 – What are some things that businesses can do right away to be more customer centric?

20:31 – A small thing that outstanding organizations do.

22:18 – How often should you be collecting feedback from employees?

25:23 – The parallels between customer feedback and employee feedback and how to overcome internal resistance 

28:55 – How a local restaurant went above and beyond for Dennis and made him a superfan for life.

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