Creating Superfans Podcast Episode 8: Joe Harouni

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As consumers, our basic wants and needs haven’t really changed, but our preferences and expectations for how we achieve what we want or need has changed. Customers expect seamless digital experiences from the brands they interact with, which can introduce a daunting challenge to unprepared companies.

Joe Harouni is the Connected Commerce practice lead at Avionos, where he works with clients to deliver commerce solutions that enable a better customer, sales, and service experience. Avionos’ team of experts drives measurable business outcomes for Fortune 500 and 1000 companies by partnering with executives to turn their digital vision into reality.

In this episode of the Creating Superfans podcast, Joe and I chat about the current trends in digital transformation, the best communication strategies for company-wide adoption, and some of his favorite examples of excellent digital experiences.

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show notes

2:20 – What is a trend that businesses need to be aware of in the digital transformation space?

4:14 – How employee experience is impacted by digital transformation

5:16 – What does Avionos do?

6:12 – Joe’s favorite digital transformation projects he’s worked on

8:12 – What aspect of digital transformation is often overlooked?

10:57 – How does Avionos ensure a consistent communication plan across an entire organization?

13:44 – How does the Avionos team overcome the “inside out” approach to digital transformation?

14:55 – How can solopreneurs or small businesses collect meaningful customer research with limited resources available?

16:41 – What is the difference between UX (user experience) and CX (customer experience)?

19:20 – Joe shares his favorite app from a UX perspective

23:00 – What are the two biggest factors for a great customer experience?

24:07 – What advice does Joe have for companies that are trying to make their digital experience more seamless and more relevant for their customers?

26:14 – Joe’s biggest non-negotiables when it comes to the clients he works with

26:53 – What’s a company that Joe is a SUPERFAN of?

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