Creating Superfans Podcast Episode 9: Hillary Applegate

Creating Sueprfans Podcast Episode 9 with Hillary Applegate

Social media is no longer just a content creation platform – it plays a complex role along every step of your customer journey. Your social accounts are the point of entry for prospects to learn about your brand for the first time, the new call center where they go to voice their complaints, and everything in between.

In this episode of the Creating Superfans podcast, I chat with Hillary Applegate, the founder of Social HQ. Hillary challenges brands to say goodbye to boring social media and instead drive community and credibility, all while increasing sales. We chat about the importance of a strong brand voice, the power of social listening, and the best tools and strategies for improving your customer experience on social media.

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show notes

2:40 – Hillary tells us about the agency she started, Social HQ

5:23 – Why social media is your 24/7 customer touchpoint 

6:23 – The importance of working with someone who understands your voice

9:35 – One of Hillary’s clients that used social media to connect with a superfan and exceed their expectations 

13:12 – How social listening can impact every aspect of your company 

14:22 – Hillary shares her top free and paid tools for social media listening

16:14 – Why newer companies are more open to using social media compared to older, publicly traded companies

18:24 – Why real customer advocacy is more powerful than influencer marketing

21:12 – The best return from any campaign Hillary has ever run

22:58 – How brands can exceed expectations on social media

26:11 – What is the “engagement loop”? 

29:48 – Hillary shares various paths companies can take to manage their social accounts

Find out more about Social HQ at

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