Creating Superfans Podcast Episode 1: Shep Hyken

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 Welcome to the very first episode of the Creating Superfans podcast! What better way to kick-off than with the world’s top Customer Experience expert, Shep Hyken!

Shep is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, and his latest book is called ’ll Be Back. He’s a hall-of-fame speaker and a HUGE mentor of mine, which is why I was thrilled when he agreed to write the foreword of my book, Creating Superfans. 

On this episode, we discuss a few critical CX lessons Shep learned as a twelve-year-old, the world’s oldest customer complaint letter, and Shep’s non-negotiables when it comes to excellent customer service.

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show notes

6:39 – What Shep learned on one of his first jobs as a twelve-year-old that powered his philosophy in customer experience

9:05 – The world’s oldest customer complaint letter

11:37– Shep’s non-negotiables when it comes to customer service?

13:10 – That time Shep became texting buddies with the CAPTAIN of his flight 

14:48 – Why Shep won’t be returning to one of his favorite restaurants 

22:22 – The #1 reason airlines go under

25:26 – My 5-year-old son’s blunt perspective on CX 

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