Creating Superfans Podcast Episode 2: Fizzah Raza

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On the second episode of the Creating Superfans podcast, I interview Nashville-based photographer Fizzah Raza. I worked with Fizzah for my brand new headshots and had a WORLD CLASS customer experience. I was wowed before, during, and after our session together and immediately became her superfan. If you’re a solopreneur of any kind, this is a can’t-miss episode filled with tons of ideas that you can implement into your own business.

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show notes

4:00 – How Fizzah wowed me before we even met!

6:25 – Fizzah’s follow-up trick

8:11 – Why being personal is sometimes better than being professional

10:22 – What Fizzah did to exceed my expectations the night before our photoshoot

14:25 – The CRITICAL mindset shift that helped Fizzah transform her customer experience

16:15 – How Fizzah maximized the moments after our photoshoot session

19:53 – What are Fizzah’s CX non-negotiables as a customer?

21:44 – How Tiffany & Co and Nike blew Fizzah away 

25:38 – Fizzah’s #1 hack for getting more referrals and repeat business

27:37 – What’s a brand that Fizzah is a superfan of?

Fizzah Raza Photography Website

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