How To Know It’s Time To Hire A Motivational Sales Speaker

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A motivational sales speaker turns any event or topic into a call to action. If you’re looking to break your team out of a rut and create greater engagement, it might be time to hire a motivational sales speaker. With only 15% of employees feeling very engaged in the workplace, it could be worth investing in their success and motivation. 

With the majority of team members today just trying to get through the day, you need to make sure your team feels empowered and excited. Though things like kickoff meetings, company lunches, and new training can be effective, sometimes you don’t need something flashy to fix a motivation problem. The motivation and engagement of your sales team are what affect your productivity, bottom line, and employee satisfaction. 

Are you ready to improve the success of your sales department? If so, it’s time to make motivation your top priority. This is easier said than done, and you sometimes need to bring in a pro. A motivational sales speaker knows how to bring your team to the next level, using enthusiasm as a guide towards success. 

It’s time to say goodbye to being stuck in a rut. Aside from setting goals, reviewing analytics, and listening to feedback, you need to invest in the right sales speakers to suit your brand. If you identify with any of these experiences below, it’s time to hire a motivational sales speaker. 

You and your team are stuck in a routine.

First, if you notice your team is stuck in a routine, it might be time to bring in someone to spark change. Perhaps your brand is outdated, your sales numbers are stagnant, or your day-to-day operations haven’t changed in years. These things could lead to a negative impact on your revenue. When this happens, your team needs a “jolt” to shake things up. 

It might seem harmless if your team is stuck in the same old routine, this could be more dangerous to your success than you think. With 75% of workers having experienced burnout, you could risk the well-being of your employees. Inviting a motivational sales speaker is an opportunity to shake things up. When your team is excited to improve, everyone benefits. 

Do you know if your team is stuck in a routine? Have you noticed any of these signs?

  • Productivity levels drop with no clear reason
  • Your sales team is receiving poor feedback from customers
  • Increased tardiness and sick days 
  • There’s a drop in interest in learning new things
  • There’s a lack of “fun” or “excitement” around the office
  • Nobody disagrees with anything

On their own, these problems might seem small. However, over time, they add up to big issues in terms of employee satisfaction and even revenue. Productive teams need new ideas, and this can be a challenge without bringing in a professional. The right motivational sales speaker has the expertise to break this routine once and for all.  

You and your team aren’t excited to engage potential customers.

Second, if you and your team aren’t excited to engage potential customers, this is a sign that something bigger might be wrong. This is true for both new teams and existing teams that are stuck in their routine. Everyone should be excited to share the brand’s products, services, and ideas with customers. 

Your team members are your biggest advocates. They’re partners in your success. This makes them some of your biggest superfans. If your team isn’t excited to share your brand with your audience, they need help. Engaging employees in your brand won’t happen overnight. In many cases, you need outside help from a professional. This is where a motivational sales speaker comes in. The right pro can help you:

  • Get to know your team: First, you need to understand your team, their backgrounds, and their goals. Beyond just developing a friendly rapport, a professional can help you identify ways to connect with them further. 
  • Provide the right tools: Additionally, your team needs the right tools and training to succeed. From the right software to operations, make sure your team is set up for success from the start. 
  • Stay transparent: Along those lines, staying transparent about your company makes all the difference. Whether your business is doing well or not, include your team in your struggles and ventures. This helps them recognize their role as partners in your success. 
  • Room to grow: Your team also needs room to grow within your business. This means giving them space to branch out, try new things, and explore new skills. 
  • Listen to feedback: While listening to your customers is important, so is listening to your team members. When you regularly check in with them, you give them a voice in your organization. 

You’re navigating a merger, acquisition, or extreme growth.

Third, if you’re navigating a company merger, acquisition, or growth, it’s important to be proactive. Getting teams working together isn’t always easy, especially if you’re blending companies. A speaker is a great way to bring everyone together behind the same goals and excitement. 

Change is always tricky, especially in professional settings. Having a speaker to guide you through the new normal is a great way to rally everyone under the same cause. It’s important to remember that sales teams are made of real people. Every person is bringing their own context, communication style, and experience to the table. It’s normal to have some imperfect moments along the way. When you push beyond these, that’s when you find real team success. 

Professional motivational sales speakers understand how to navigate these changes in the workforce with ease. They can adapt to your team’s needs to create an open, welcoming space for everyone to come together. While many leaders think they can do this alone, it’s not always so straightforward. After all, ego can kill collaboration.

You’re not sure what sales-related things you could improve.

Similarly, if you’re not sure what sales-related things you could improve, When you’re close to a problem, it’s not always easy to know how to fix it. You need a big-picture, fresh perspective. A speaker can address industry changes or trends in a way that’s easy to understand. Without sounding accusatory, they introduce new ideas and concepts with the clear vision of an outsider. 

On the other hand, if a boss brings up new ideas, team members can sometimes feel like they’re being criticized. This makes prior work feel less important, and it can be harmful to employee morale. Bringing in someone external gets rid of the risk that some might feel their past work needs improvement. 

What are some sales-related things a motivational sales speaker can talk about?

  • Changing customer expectations and the rise of customer experience
  • New sales structures that take into consideration the full customer journey
  • How to use new data to make stronger decisions
  • Sales training that works for today’s customers
  • Using the latest technology and AI to personalize the customer experience

In other words, if you don’t know how to improve, talk to the experts. There’s nothing wrong with seeking feedback from an outside source, especially when they’re in a position of expertise. 

You have ideas to share but aren’t confident on stage.

Next, if you know what you need to change, you might not be prepared to bring these ideas to your entire team. Not everyone is a strong public speaker, and this is completely okay. Motivational sales speakers balance their experience, education, and real-world know-how with speaking skills. Simply having sales skills isn’t enough to empower others. 

This is a great opportunity to work closely with your sales speaker to talk about your goals. If you have a good idea of the direction you want your team to go, your speaker can help get you there. Better yet, they can provide feedback, suggestions, and more ideas to strengthen your own goals. 

The right sales speaker uses their own knowledge to inspire others. While anyone can give a presentation on a topic, that doesn’t mean it will be memorable or impactful. With attention spans shorter than ever, you could easily waste resources and time by failing to deliver your message effectively. 

You’re looking for a long-term sales resource.

Lastly, you should hire a motivational sales speaker if you’re looking for a long-term sales resource for your team. Sales speakers usually apply themselves in many different ways. They might also be consultants, writers, businesspeople, and so on. This means many can work with you long-term as a sales resource. 

The event itself is a chance to find that spark within your team, but it doesn’t have to end there. There is no such thing as one-and-done when it comes to your sales team. Not only can you leverage these specialists beyond the event itself, but you can continue to work with them in the future. 

When you hire a motivational sales speaker, you have a long-term partner in your success. This is a superfan who’s there for you even after the speaking engagement. The best brands know inspiration is a renewable resource. It’s something that you can draw upon again and again, but it doesn’t come from thin air. 

Is a Sales Speaker Right for You?

Ultimately, if your team is struggling with any of the experiences above, you’re not alone. However, you don’t have to let that become your new normal. A lack of engagement and motivation can severely impact a company’s revenue, morale, and employee satisfaction. This means higher levels of burnout, turnover, and so on down the line. 

Instead, take action. Hiring a motivational sales speaker is a way to get a much-needed outside perspective to bring that spark into your team. With over a decade of experience motivating teams of all backgrounds, I know what it means to value your sales team. Want to learn more? Let’s chat! 

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