What’s YOUR Story, And What Is It Saying To Your Customers?

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As humans, our brains are hardwired to react to stories. We know how to process, retain, and — most importantly — share them. It’s how we’ve evolved for thousands of years. And, storytelling in business is no less important than in any other aspect of our lives. In fact, business storytelling might be the most important type of business communication that exists today!

That’s why I’m always amazed by how many professionals can’t quickly and concisely articulate why they’re the best in their market at what they do. If you aren’t sure why you’re the best — or can’t put it into simple terms for someone else to understand — how can your customers be confident that you are? 

YOUR STORY IS YOUR SUPERPOWER! If you haven’t mastered it, you’re leaving so much on the table: new clients, repeat business, referrals… the list goes on and on.

That’s why the very first step in my five-part SUPERFANS System is: Start With Your Story. 
If you aren’t quite clear on the magic that makes you you, download my free guide to help you get started. It’s filled with exercises I’ve developed over the years to help you get super clear (pun intended!) on what sets you apart.

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In no time, you’ll be quickly and confidently sharing your relevant, impactful story with everyone around you. You’ll also know how to use it as a filter for the content you create and share.

Part of my story is that I LOVE hearing about other people’s stories! So, once you’ve completed the guide, please connect with me on your favorite social platform to let me know if you found the guide useful and what you learned in constructing your own unique, uncopyable superpower.

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