Creating Superfans Podcast Episode 20: Alix Steinberg (again!)

Creating Customer-Centric Loyalty Programs with Alix Steinberg

In this episode of the Creating Superfans podcast, I welcome back my partner-in-crime, Alix Steinberg. Alix and I break down one of my most recent newsletter topics: loyalty programs and pricing tiers. 

Whether your business has a tiered loyalty program or a tiered pricing structure, you’ve got to strike that perfect balance of creating a delightful ‘base’ experience that still encourages customers to spend more money with you and move up the ranks.

Inspired by my family vacation to Orlando, we discuss three tips for creating magic at every dollar amount, including free or low-tech examples of acknowledging your customers and some of the brands that do it best.

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show notes

2:55 – How Brittany’s recent family vacation to Orlando sparked the topic for this podcast episode

4:05 – Why loyalty programs and complex pricing structures are connected

5:40 – The delicate balance between creating a great standalone experience that still encourages customers to move up the ranks of your tiers

7:15 – Which experiences did Brittany decide to splurge on at the various theme parks?

9:00 – How segmenting your audience can help you define the offerings at the various tiers

11:00 – Takeaway #1: Define the objectives of your program

14:55 – There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for CX. How Brittany’s Sea World experience differed greatly from her experience at Disney

17:25 – Takeaway #2: Never make customer service a “perk”

19:45 – Alix shares examples of tech companies that provide great support at every level and how one company in particular provides special support for VIPs

21:05 – Brittany shares a story about the importance of your customers (or employees) being at the center of every decision. 

24:02 – Takeaway #3: Make it personal

24:55 – How employee reward programs are similar to customer reward programs

25:50 – Alix claims that sometimes doing something is worse than doing nothing

26:30 – Brittany points out that providing too many choices can come off as impersonal 

27:30 – How Sephora strikes the perfect balance of personalization 

29:00 – Brittany’s experience with hotels and how they acknowledge loyalty 

30:40 – How fast food restaurants create great loyalty programs

32:40 – You cannot buy superfans. It’s always the human things & the little things that 

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