Creating Superfans Podcast Episode 7: A Look Behind The Scenes Of Writing My Book!

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This week’s episode of the Creating Superfans podcast is a special one because it’s all about my book! Creating Superfans is available NOW, and to honor its publication date, we switched things up a bit! My Chief of Staff, Alix Steinberg, asked me questions about what it was really like to write Creating Superfans, including the different editing phases, the design choices, and the recording of the audiobook!

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show notes

3:15 – How long has Brittany actually been working on her book?

4:55 – the intentional design choices Brittany made for Creating Superfans

7:25 – Why Brittany chose to work with a hybrid publisher

9:10 – Brittany’s unconventional writing journey

15:30 – How quick was the editing process once Brittany handed in her manuscript?

17:25 – When did Brittany finally start to see her book come together?

20:17 – How Brittany’s mom helped her edit the book

22:11 – The process of narrowing down the songs for each chapter tile and major heading

23:00 – What are the takeaways Brittany wants the reader to walk away with?

24:44 – Alix shares her favorite lessons from the book

25:14– Why empathy is so important in customer experience

27:45 – What it was like to record the audiobook version of Creating Superfans

32:27 – That time Brittany’s husband, Jeff, starred in a Nook commercial

34:18 – How Brittany’s son, Kadoh, inspired the book

36:20 – Brittany reads one of her favorite lines from a review of Creating Superfans

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