Featured Image for 10 Customer Experience Best Practices You Need To Know - Brittany Hodak

In today’s world, few things matter more to your brand than the customer experience. More than just a trendy buzzword, your customer experience is the

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Featured Image for How To Know Its Time To Hire A Motivational Sales Speaker - Brittany Hodak

A motivational sales speaker turns any event or topic into a call to action. If you’re looking to break your team out of a rut

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Featured Image for What is earned growth rate? 5 Takeaways from HBR's Net Promoter 3.0 - Brittany Hodak

As consumers, we’ve all been asked to take a survey in the form of the Net Promoter System ® (NPS). For example, to measure an

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Featured Image for 6 Things To Look For When Hiring A Finance Speaker - Brittany Hodak

When hiring a speaker, you’re looking for someone who weaves together information and storytelling in a way that’s actionable. Though many mistakenly think finance speakers

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Featured Image for 5 CX New Year's Resolutions Your Brand Can Adopt - Brittany Hodak

If 2021 taught us anything, it’s that we’re officially in the era of the customer. As we jump into the New Year, here are five

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Featured Image for Hiring A Marketing Speaker Watch For These 7 Things - Brittany Hodak

When looking for a marketing speaker for your event, company, or conference, it’s important to know what to look for. We’re in the digital age

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Featured Image for How To Foster 5-Star Customer Service Skills In Your Team - Brittany Hodak

Customer service skills don’t happen overnight. They take time, effort, and interpersonal skills. Most importantly, they’re something everyone on your team needs to have. That

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Featured Image for What The Future Of Digital Customer Service Looks Like - Brittany Hodak

We’re officially in the digital age, and this means the world of customer service is changing. Digital customer service is when you provide the same

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Featured Image for 20 Female Motivational Speakers To Follow This Year - Brittany Hodak

While a picture is worth a thousand words, words have their own undeniable power. When you listen to a motivational speaker, for example, you’re watching

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Featured Image for What Is A Brand Touchpoint And Why Are They Important - Brittany Hodak

The connections you make with customers or clients matter. A brand touchpoint is an individual contact point between the customer and the brand. This isn’t

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Featured Image for 10 Customer Experience Examples To Learn From This Year - Brittany Hodak

Customer experience is more than a buzzword. It’s the next big battleground for today’s businesses. If you want to stand out from the competition, you

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Featured Image for 120 Customer Experience Quotes To Inspire Your CX Strategy - Brittany Hodak

Nowadays, you can’t afford to slack on your customer experience. Not only do you have to be better than ever, but you need to proactively

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