Featured Image for the true costs of bad experience management - brittany hodak

Bad customer experience doesn’t just leave customers feeling underwhelmed and unappreciated. It also has a real impact on your overall business longevity and revenue. In

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Featured Blog Image for Digital Employee Experience - Brittany Hoadk

When the pandemic first hit, many companies were forced to work remotely overnight. Without any precedent or warning, HR and IT departments had to find

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8 Customer Service Tips Every Business Needs To Know - Brittany Hodak

Customer service is always evolving in today’s world. As more brands continue to change the status quo, it’s never been more important to understand how

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In today’s world, digital engagement has never been more important. It’s not enough to publish content on your website, social media, or so on. You

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2022 Blog Featured Images for 5 reasons why your brand must create an omnichannel experience - brittany hodak

As consumers are being bombarded with media 24/7, we’re no longer taking a linear path with our purchasing behaviors or consumption patterns.  Imagine you’re at

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Featured Image for 10 Tips for A Great Digital Customer Experience - Brittany Hodak

You’ve heard about customer experience, but how does this translate online? We’re living in a digital world, so it should come as no surprise that

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Featured Image for 8 Customer Journey Touchpoints Crucial To Creating Superfans - Brittany Hodak

Your customer should be at the foundation of every decision. If you don’t know how your customers engage with your brand, you can’t begin to

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Featured Image for 6 Things All Successful CX Programs Have In Common - Brittany Hodak

You know having one of the strongest CX programs in your industry makes all the difference. Yet, that’s something that’s easier said than done. Customer

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Featured Image for How Are Car Brands Driving Customers Away - Brittany Hodak

MY CRASH COURSE IN CX I was first introduced to the world of Customer Experience when my dad started working at a car dealership near

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Featured Image for Crafting A Customer Experience Strategy In 5 Steps - Brittany Hodak

Customer experience impacts your entire business from the ground up. While most businesses today know this is non-negotiable, it’s still not always easy to craft

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Featured Image for 10 Customer Experience Best Practices You Need To Know - Brittany Hodak

In today’s world, few things matter more to your brand than the customer experience. More than just a trendy buzzword, your customer experience is the

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Featured Image for How To Know Its Time To Hire A Motivational Sales Speaker - Brittany Hodak

A motivational sales speaker turns any event or topic into a call to action. If you’re looking to break your team out of a rut

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