Featured Image for What Is Your Net Promoter Score - Brittany Hodak

Regardless of your industry, it’s never been more important to understand your customer loyalty and satisfaction. How happy are your existing customers, and are you

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Featured Image for How Do You Develop A Customer Experience Strategy - Brittany Hodak

Most businesses nowadays understand they need to focus on customer service, but they don’t know where to begin. Superior customer experience is a part of

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Featured Image for What Is The Difference Between Customer Experience And Customer Service - Brittany Hodak

Customer experience (CX) and customer service often sound like two words meaning the same thing. What is actually the difference between customer experience and customer

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Featured Image for What Makes A Good Customer Experience - Brittany Hodak

The term “customer experience” is something you’re bound to stumble upon online, but what does this term really mean in practice? What sets a good

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Featured Image for 3 Ways To Copy Companies With The Best Customer Experience - Brittany Hodak

When it comes to improving your brand’s customer experience, it helps to know the best path to take. Most customers know exactly what they want

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Featured Image for 10 Key Customer Service Metrics You Should Be Tracking - Brittany Hodak

Too many companies focus on their customer service goals but they fail to keep track of key metrics. While you might be able to recognize

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Featured Image for How To Create A Brand Evangelist From An Unhappy Customer - Brittany Hodak

Even if you have the best intentions all of the time, sometimes things won’t work out as planned. Maybe an order was delivered incorrectly or

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Featured Image for 10 Insights Ive Learned As A Customer Experience Consultant - Brittany Hodak

A customer experience consultant is someone who specializes in the customer journey from start to finish. Through my time working with countless companies across industries,

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Featured Image for How To Connect With Customers Through Thoughtful Gifts - Brittany Hodak

Every year, as November comes to an end, more and more companies jump onto the holiday train. From advertisements to holiday cards to holiday carols,

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Featured Image for 50 Customer Service Stats Quotes and Facts (2) - Brittany Hodak

In any industry, two facts remain true. First, you’re sure to bring in more customers – and retain existing ones – if you provide a consistently

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Featured Image for 6 Ways A Customer Service Consultant Can Boost Your Business - Brittany Hodak

Retaining your existing customers is always more profitable than acquiring new customers. More and more companies are beginning to understand the value of investing in

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Featured Image for Creating A Great Guest Experience The Beginners Guide - Brittany Hodak

While you might think of guest experience as something that only the travel and hospitality industry has to worry about, it’s really a perspective all

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