Spring cleaning is a great tradition for organizing your home and getting rid of clutter — especially things that have been ignored all winter. (Anyone

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3 employee experience takeaways from the NFLPA's team report cards

It’s officially March, which means that the end of Q1 is rapidly approaching. Here’s your official reminder to collect employee feedback before the month ends

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3 Tips to Boost Your Customer Acquisition and Retention inspired by Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is not just about romantic relationships; Valentine’s Day is all about making the people around you feel special. We all want to feel

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5 CX and EX Lessons You Can Learn From The Office

Although The Office is known for its cringeworthy, politically incorrect comedy, I realized during a recent binge that there are actually quite a few CX

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Featured Blog Image for A beginners guide to content marketing

We’re living with more distractions than at any point in human history, and we’re being inundated with more messages competing for our attention than ever

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Featured Blog Image for Customer Service Week Celebration Ideas - Brittany Hodak

Happy Customer Service Week! Every year, companies celebrate Customer Service Week during the first week of October. It’s the perfect time to honor your employees

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Blog Image for 4 Intentional Experience Design Lessons You Can Learn from Legoland

I can’t help but notice awesome experience design out in the wild. A few months ago, my family spent a week in Florida and I

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Featured Blog Image for What you need to know about web accessibility and how it affects your customer experience - brittany hodak

A component of CX that doesn’t get talked about nearly as much as it should is accessibility. Accessibility literally means the ability to access. According

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How To Transition To An Omnichannel Customer Experience - Brittany Hodak

Nowadays, your customers have greater expectations than ever before. Not only are they more likely to interact with your business, but they want to interact

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Featured Image for Blog_Consumer Centric Marketing_ 4 Strategies You Need To Know. - Brittany Hodak

Any brand in the digital age knows the importance of being there for your users. One popular term for this is consumer-centric marketing. This is

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10 Questions Every Client Service Representative Should Ask - Brittany Hodak

The way you interact with potential clients impacts the entire customer journey. As a client service representative, you’re more than client support. You’re also tasked

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7 Keys To A Successful Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy - Brittany Hodak

Any modern marketer knows there’s so much more to creating compelling campaigns than meets the eye. While it might seem simple enough to create content,

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